Fun, Joy, Surprises, and The Way You Want A Writing Day to Go

By Holly Lisle

Some writing days are just wonderful, and amazing, and fun from beginning to end… and you have to appreciate them when you have them, because a lot of them aren’t.

So this is me being joyfully grateful.

In spite of the fact that I got nearly three thousand words today, I actually only wrote about 1500 new ones. The others came from scenes I sort of remembered writing in two different failed starts of Book 2, in which I went off in wrong directions. (THOSE two false starts, you see, are excellent examples of the OTHER kinds of writing days.)

After the second crash, of course, I did a careful line-for-scene outline using a new technique I’ve come up with.

Today, working off that incredibly useful outline (something that will be showing up as an addendum in at least one or two of my writing classes, probably How to Write a Novel and How to Revise Your Novel, but possibly something else as well), I realized that there were a couple of scenes I’d remembered that might be cut, pieced together, and adapted for this version.

So I went in, grabbed copy, revised, rethought, moved things around, dumped everything that didn’t relate, and came up with a tense, compelling scene that brought together things worth saving from both earlier starts, all tied together with the thing I’ve discovered in this version of the story that makes everything work.

Things that previously had been parts of two entirely different stories that didn’t connect at all suddenly came together (with some help and hard work, of course) into this one scene that has secrets buried in it, leads to surprises to come, and let me do something both funny and awful to a villain.

Today was fun.

But today is also because of this…

Snowy Ohio 2020 12 17 08 11 01

I love snow.. and now I have some. 

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