Cady Drake meets the world – Sneak peek…

By Holly Lisle

HtCB Cady515X800Becky did a gorgeous job. The book with the new cover is already showing up in a couple places, but I’ll do a check and links tomorrow, along with the cover reveal.

This is just because it took me all day to get the book done and published.

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The Wishbone Conspiracy: My odd discovery about writing Cady

By Holly Lisle

I got 2056 words today on The Wishbone Conspiracy. Finished Chapter 2, and now am 586 words into Chapter 3.

I did this in about an hour and a half writing time — eight ten-minute timers and part of a ninth.

The story flowed, the characters did interesting things. And I discovered that my mystery character from the Cadence Drake mailing list emails (the little puzzle game I’ve gotten behind on) is involved in this book. That worked itself into this without warning, and jumped out at me with a little “GOTCHA!” that startled me.

But the odd discover I made today about writing the Cadence Drake novels wasn’t that.

It’s just that being inside Cady’s head is… different.

She’s not the only first-person character I’ve written.

But she’s the only one who, every time I write her, feels like coming home when I slip into her voice.

It’s hard to stop writing. Hard to hit my word limit and quit, rather than just pushing on.

Today was a GOOD writing day.

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First new fiction deadline: Update on The Wishbone Conspiracy

By Holly Lisle

Wrote for right at two hours today. Got on a roll, did not want to quit.

Got 2269 words on The Wishbone Conspiracy.

Cady has a new job and a new client, and in what has to be a very bad sign, both Storm Rat and Tarko have volunteered to go along with her on this job for her client … unpaid … just to keep her company.


The words came easily this morning, and I had some fun putting together the situation.

Have changed my wordcount and target goals. I’m now looking at 2000 words per day as my objective on this project.

That’s up from both one hour and “about 1500” which is what I comfortably do in one hour.

I did this because I increased the planned length on this novel to 90,000 words. Cadence Drake novels run 90,000 words.


Divide 90,000 words by 2000 words, and you get 45 days. And working on this novel two days a week (Thursdays and Fridays on my current schedule) and without figuring in LIFE, I’ll finish the first draft in 22.5 weeks.

Now add the LIFE MATH. There are going to be a random number of events that screw up a random number of Thursdays and Fridays. I’m going to pull random shit out of the air, and say that there are going to be THREE weeks that get totally screwed up, and in which I get no words on The Wishbone Conspiracy.

That takes me to 25.5. Round up. 26 weeks.

So my COMPLETE FIRST DRAFT goal for this novel is July 25, 2019.

After that it’ll take a month or two to get the revision done, the editing done, the bug-hunt done, the cover art done, and get the book published.


Fiction!! Lot’s of it. Really digging in, doing three projects I love, is clicking with me.

I’m already looking forward to tomorrow, and finding out what happens next.

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Got my words on Wishbone Conspiracy

By Holly Lisle

Got a good chunk of the novel note-carded with my current best ideas on how it will go, and wrote a big chunk of words of background and outlining, plus 1151 words of the actual story.

And I like what I got.

This being Saturday, I’m not supposed to be writing fiction. Saturday and Sunday are BOTH supposed to be days off.

But I was one day short on my Patreon hours because of a doctor’s appointment on Thursday — news on that was all good, incidentally.

So I figure the three hours I put in today will cover that.

No snippets right now.  I want to get into the flow on this thing first, make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

Then I’ll drop a few hints.

But I’m very happy. It’s so cool to bet writing Cady from her own point of view again.

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Another Cadence Drake start pops up — 12,862 words

By Holly Lisle

I woke up at around five-ish this morning knowing the next chapter of The Wishbone Conspiracy, my next Cady Drake novel.

And thought about it for a while, and decided that I would write it once I got up and got showered. And am sitting down to do that.

But on my way to getting there, I just found ANOTHER incomplete Cady novel on my hard drive, written before I wrote Warpaint, but taking a completely different take on the vampire problem in Settled Space.

A lot of that problem was solved in Warpaint. But not all of it.

And I like what I’ve found here enough that it’s worth saving, worth chasing down. It lets me bring back my favorite minor character from Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood.

But not today.

Today… now… I’m writing on The Wishbone Conspiracy. Was not planning to be doing actual writing this quickly — I don’t even have my Sentence cards completed.

But I figured out something really cool, and Chapter Two beckons.

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