Pretty good day — Ohio Novel #2 Progress

By Holly Lisle

This morning, I increased my daily word-count goal to 1500 (up from 1250). This was a small change, and I’d been hitting that number pretty regularly anyway. So I decided to make it my regular objective.

I came in just above that with 1532 words for the day. 

Have a nice situation going on with my main character and one of my favorite protagonists who is in deep trouble, and with a handful of folks who have gathered to figure out how they might help.

I like what I got, and this has left me in a good position from which to pick up words tomorrow. (Characters are still in trouble, and there’s some conflict about how it might be solved.)

Now I’m off to write the next Thursday Tip, my free weekly email for fiction writers, and after that, I have a longish stack of other things on my bullet journal to get done.

It was, however, a good writing day — and my focus on a reasonable word count, and on doing fiction first, is making me very happy.

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