My Facebook Page was hacked

By Holly Lisle

At around 6 AM today, someone changed my password, put up a pornographic picture as my user ID, and started using my account to spam and harass my friends.

If you received from my via Facebook in the last 24 hours, it was not from me. (I didn’t use the account yesterday or today.)

Nonetheless, I apologize deeply for anything that was sent.

I reported to Facebook that my site had been hacked, but at the moment I am unable to do anything with it but leave it in a state of limbo—I don’t have the new password, and Facebook won’t accept the old one.

If this is the end of my Facebook account, I’ll remove the Facebook links from the site to prevent confusion, but I’ll spend as much time as I’m able seeing if I can fix this.

Please note that I’ve been hellishly unwell this week, and I am really not up for this sort of nonsense.


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