Why I’m Deleting My Facebook Account

Today, nearly a week after a Lulzsec/Lulz Security hack resulted in my Facebook page being hacked by jackasses who sent awful spam to nearly a thousand of my students, friends, and family members before I could get the page blocked, Facebook finally got back to me on my account. Hi Holly, Your account was suspended… Continue reading Why I’m Deleting My Facebook Account

New Writing Course Goes Live

I’m delighted to announce that I finally got my act together and put up Episode One of THE WRITING CRAFT: Dialogue, which is Dialogue and Subtext.   Have tested everything, it all works, and you can check it out now. This is the first time I’ve done a pure video course (though naturally it includes… Continue reading New Writing Course Goes Live

Friday Snippet: from MOONROADS

I wrote this and liked it. It’s a bit after the last snippet, but not so much that you can’t ellipse the missing action and figure out things have not gone well. NOTICE: This material is copyrighted, unedited raw first draft, probably buggy, possibly not even going to be in the final book. Do not… Continue reading Friday Snippet: from MOONROADS