The Ghost Who’ll Be Coming to Ohio

"What happened to Julie? She was here..."

The text message at the top of this post (which I sent to Matt at 3:34 AM on 12/6/20) includes the date and time because my half-sister, Julie, died in 2016, before her birthday, which was December 3rd. I got the news of her death from my older son, Mark, who called Matt while we… Continue reading The Ghost Who’ll Be Coming to Ohio

The Ghost Story, WABWM, and TALYSMANA

I finished my ghost story. Title? >>>–4EVR—> The title means a lot. I got it to Trisha Telep in time, heard back that I’d made the deadline—and we are NOT going to talk about the morning-to-next-morning hours I worked for several days getting that revision done. What was supposed to have been a 6500-word story… Continue reading The Ghost Story, WABWM, and TALYSMANA

FInished My Ghost Story

1399 words, and my ghost story, The Other Chance,; is done. The story in first draft runs 7641 words. I always add some words in second draft, because my first drafts run lean. I like my ending, I like the twist I got, and I definitely did not see the last bit going the way… Continue reading FInished My Ghost Story