The Ghost Story, WABWM, and TALYSMANA

I finished my ghost story. Title? >>>–4EVR—> The title means a lot. I got it to Trisha Telep in time, heard back that I’d made the deadline—and we are NOT going to talk about the morning-to-next-morning hours I worked for several days getting that revision done. What was supposed to have been a 6500-word story… Continue reading The Ghost Story, WABWM, and TALYSMANA

FInished My Ghost Story

1399 words, and my ghost story, The Other Chance,; is done. The story in first draft runs 7641 words. I always add some words in second draft, because my first drafts run lean. I like my ending, I like the twist I got, and I definitely did not see the last bit going the way… Continue reading FInished My Ghost Story