Sweet, sweet fiction, words like storm after drought

The story called me back tonight, in spite of this being my official night off. I suddenly knew what had to happen next—not what I had planned, but what was better than what I’d planned.

Aleksa is on her way into deadly trouble, while fleeing deadly trouble—her problem with the rock and the hard place is that both of them are careening straight at her.

So I got 479 words, and I feel like I took my first deep breath in a week.

How are you coming with your story?

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8 responses to “Sweet, sweet fiction, words like storm after drought”

  1. Karen Avatar

    Not much writing done lately, but have had some progress on working out story details. Have started carrying around my writing notebook with me and started out working out short little scenes and character motivations, which has helped a lot with the direction of the story. As I typed up my notes I noticed something interesting, the pieces I hadn’t quite connected yet (at least not consciously) had connections. It was so cool.

    My niece and nephew are visiting this weekend so am not sure how much (if any) writing will get done.

  2. HannaBelle Avatar

    Still working on The Sentence for Pedestal. I think the lack of The Sentence, which is the lack of the twist the story will hinge on, is what has made this a great, and might I quote, “30 page false start.”
    I ask my Muse each day, and night, to give me the words for the sentence, but nothing conclusive yet.

    1. HannaBelle Avatar

      I clicked Submit too soon. Wanted to add:

      But, I did get a weird glimpse at words like people from the future, but not time travellers, trying to right the wrongs that had been done to the woman of the past.

  3. Gabby Avatar

    Stuck again and feeling like a broken record. I know what needs to happen but picturing the new location has me stuck. And instead of putting the time in to figure it out/sit quietly and imagine and think about it, I’ve been filling my time with other things. Not good. I need to recommit to putting the time in again. Maybe a Nano-type thing but a time goal instead of word count goal?

    So the goal would be 2hrs, at least 5 days a week, and then I just post whatever word count I get. If I want to check my email, check the internet (even for project info), etc, I just make a note of it but it has to wait until after the 2hrs is done. I guess the idea is just to focus, to the exclusion of everything else, for a set amount of time every day.

    Anyone else tried this? How did it work for you? Have I forgotten something important? Also, should I make myself stop after 2hrs regardless (so I don’t get burned out) or if I get caught up in the writing, keep writing til I come to a stopping place?

    1. Gabby Avatar

      1197 words of background work today. Big breakthough finally arrived. I now understand the setting and culture for the middle events of the book. Still lots left to explore/understand of course. One benefit to focusing on time instead of words is that I didn’t stop after I had the breakthrough (as is my normal ‘feeling-overloaded’ habit). I continued working and came up with lots of additional information about it. Additionally I didn’t allow myself to get immediately distracted by researching (via internet) my new location.

      I used Q10. This is a full screen text editor that you can set timer and word count goals on. Freeware app. Very useful to “block out” the internet for two hours. URL: http://www.baara.com/q10/

      Scrivener now has an email list if you hope for Windows version too. They aren’t promising anything but if something does come about, they’ll email you. URL: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/about.html#windows

      Also, in wonderful news, I found out I might get access to a mac very soon so hopefully I can try out Scrivener! I am lighter than air. I found out about this with about 30 mins writing time left and it was really hard to concentrate after that!

  4. Peggy Avatar

    881 on Thursday, and 429 on Friday.

    With any luck, the headache that’s been plaguing me for the last couple of days will finally take a hike today and I can get some real work done.

  5. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    378 words.

    The Queen of Balthazar sits in her prison cell. She has been sitting there since her rebellion against her husband failed several years before. She’s sitting studying a brick wall which is the only thing she can see from her window. When she hears alarms and gunfire. And she smiles.

    Went back to work today and I’ve got to work tomorrow. Really not feeling like it but you’ve got to do what yo’ve got to do. I’m discombobulated from my time in the hospital. It really threw me off, schedule-wise. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more tomorrow. Today’s writing was a very short scene. It introduced the Queen.

  6. PolarBear Avatar

    Asking the “why” questions to get more info about the antagonist side of the story in preparation for kicking off NaNo on Sunday.

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