SUZEE DELIGHT is off to the copyeditor

Suzee-DELIGHT-132x200-FINAL-FLATThe story wrapped (in what I’m considering the final version) at 29,706 words. 9706 words over what I’d planned, or one third of another story. However, this episode turned out to be far more important to the overall series than I’d anticipated—I got into a couple things in it I wasn’t expecting to see in detail until around Episode 5.

It’s now off to the copyeditor, and I’m getting started on the last handful of pieces of MODULE ONE in the HOW TO WRITE A SERIES EXPANSION.

And because of the interesting time I had writing this story, I have some brand-new insights to add to MODULE TWO on what happens when one character in one story grabs the whole series and runs with it.

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  1. Claudette Avatar

    Glad to hear that planning can get bushwhacked. I don’t need to feel guilty now when something runs that far over budget (so to speak.) Glad you got more than you bargained for–plotwise–and that it’s that much closer to being ready for launch. Congrats, Holly.

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