SUZEE DELIGHT gets longer

Suzee-DELIGHT-132x200-FINAL-FLATWorked six hours on type-in revision today.

I’m 60% of the way through the type-in, and as usual, the story is getting longer. Today, even after some big cuts, I ended up with a 522-word net gain, and a word count of 24,728.

I have some big cuts in the last third, but also MOST of my write-ins, so tomorrow’s word count should prove interesting. Not sure yet whether the story will end up longer or shorter overall—but I still haven’t gone ridiculously beyond my planned 20,000-word goal.

Next week it’ll go to my editor, and then to my copyeditor, and I’ll work on classroom stuff when it’s out of my hands.

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4 responses to “SUZEE DELIGHT gets longer”

  1. Ro Avatar

    Do your stories always get longer in revision? Mine seem to be coming up short in first drafts, but I am aware that I am naturally a succinct writer, and I think it’s possible I will find things I need to add.

    Ps. Suzee Delight is fantastic, not just good, it really flies. Only the very best SF manages this.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I write very tight in first draft. At a lot of points in the story, I’m sketching in quickly because the actions characters need to take are coming to me so quickly that I can barely keep up.

      So when I do my revision, I’m also filling in details I skipped in first draft.

      My stories are ALWAYS longer after revision, and 33% is not out of line.

      And thank you. I’m so happy you liked Suzee.

  2. Amy Avatar

    Sweet! Can’t wait until it’s in my hands. I’m definitely looking forward to what’s next for the Longview.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m wound pretty tight about this one. The story turned out much deeper (and much BIGGER) than I anticipated. 😀

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