By Holly Lisle

I’ve been working with wounded heroes this morning, and scarred villains, and I happened on the song that has to be the theme song for Gods Old and DarkSuperman, by Five for Fighting. If the tag line, “It’s not easy being me,” is trite and unworthy of the song, the rest could come out of the mouths of every single one of the main characters in the book — Lauren, Molly, Pete, Heyr, and Baanraak.

“I can’t stand to fly. I’m not that naive. Men weren’t meant to ride with clouds between their knees …”

They’re running up the stairs, not down, this morning. Running to the front of the plane, and this song echoes the price the hero pays to move forward when forward is the worst place to be.

But that it’s equally right for Baanraak … well …. What does it mean when your heroes and your villains could sing the same song, and it would be equally appropriate for all of them?

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