Sunday Night Words

By Holly Lisle

Not sure how far I’ll make it with the words tonight, or how hard I’ll push. I’ve been sick on and off for the last three weeks, and today was fairly rough. It’s nothing major; just a reminder that as I get older, my body is less efficient at fighting off illness.

In spite of my best intentions, I didn’t so much as turn the computer on to look at the story, or anything else, all weekend.

So it’s cooled, and I’m tired and kind of queasy.

But I remember how excited I was last Friday when I quit. I’m hoping a work through of the last page will let me get back into that and pick up where I left off. I’d love to get lost in the story for a couple hours.

I’m starting with 11,648 words.

Added at 11:20 PM

Made it to 12,583. Less than a thousand words, but exhausted and feeling bad trumps excited about the story. I like what I got, and I’ve left this in a good place to get more tomorrow morning.

That’ll have to do.

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