Had a rough time getting anything done on Talyn yesterday and an even worse time today, due to outside demands on my time, and a bit of trouble now that I’m well into the novel’s middle and feeling the pinch.

I’ll delve into the worldbuilding and the outline later today and see if I can find the right tack to take. Meanwhile, amidst the fragmentation and noise of the five-year-old’s business, I did manage to get the Broegga Writers’ General Public License done and posted. I wish I could do creative work in the middle of chaos instead of just non-creative work.

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3 responses to “Struggling”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Pronouncing Broegga is pretty straightforward.

    Soft rolled Russian br, but other than that … (g)

    It’s bro-AY’-guh

  2. KHurley Avatar

    I empathize with you about the difficulty with getting creative work done in the middle of chaos, especially since I also homeschool and have kids under the age of ten. I seem to have no trouble being online or doing related activities when they’re awake, but actual writing is a different proposition altogether. Hang in there, though! I’m told that there is light at the end of that particular tunnel…

    And congratulations on this amazing world-building project!

  3. Robert A. Sloan Avatar
    Robert A. Sloan

    Thank you.

    That’s all I can say about this — it’s magnificent. I read the whole thing, the terms are clear and simple, and I am awed. You’ve done something wonderful.

    Bob Asprin talked about the headaches of running a shared world and the copyright nightmares involved when everyone who had contributed even a short story’s worth of "history" had to get a separate small royalty when their character appeared in the background of a crowd scene, or the bar they built got walked past by other characters. His reaction when I asked him about it was flat out "Don’t do it."

    And yet Thieves’ World rocked, and was a success, and launched dozens of now well-known writers. So did Wild Cards.

    So did H. P. Lovecraft’s shared mythos of alien deities and icky haunted places — and unofficially Lovecraft’s body of material ran far more like this. Basing that license on the GNU solves a world of headaches.

    IMNSHO, by creating Literary Linux you’ve opened up a new way of doing things that will allow all the good points of the previous shared worlds techniques, with a set of rules that works for the benefit of authors and creators. Thank you for doing this!

    I’ll be proud to participate and happy to sign anything I donate to it. I have a feeling Broegga is going to occupy a place in my life a little like picking on Linux does for Dstar. 🙂

    Really neat world too. Still thinking of making some contributions to its paleontology, archaeology and, calligraphy… hehehe…

    BTW, since you’re a serious language hobbyist, how is "Broegga" pronounced? I wouldn’t have gotten Baanraak right without your blog.

    Thanks again!

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