Strangeness Workshop Tools

You can use these generators to ask a question from your character’s point of view. For example, with your character speaking in first person, “How do I deal with John (the villain) as he plots to come after me?

Or about a plot point: “How does the villain circumvent the heroine’s security system?”

Or about an item in your scene: “I wrote a Chinese vase into the scene with the frogs. Why is the Chinese vase there?”

You use your imagination to interpret these readings into fiction—to take what catches your Muse’s attention and turn that into a plot twist, a bit of background, or some aspect of your character that makes your story richer.

You do not have to use the whole reading. And if you don’t get something that helps the first time, try again with the same question on a different generator, or reword the question for the same generator.

Strangeness Generator #1: Tarot

Strangeness Generator #2: I Ching

Strangeness Generator #3: Bibliomancy


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