Stories In the Dark

By Holly Lisle

So for the third time this week, I’m working on Dreaming the Dead late at night, plotting out the line-per-scene. I have 47 scenes plotted so far—one nice, twisty sentence per. At 3000 words per scene (planned), that’s 141,000 words of book.

There’s a lot of stuff I’m missing, and I have a ton of great action into which I now have to go back and work a theme line—what the scene means as well as what the characters do.

And I still don’t have my ending, though I’m pretty close to hitting it.

My hero and heroine are well-represented. I’m a bit thin on getting my villains in there (always a problem).

But there’s something about sitting in bed, typing by the light of the bedside lamp (dim) and the screen that makes storytelling magical.

And I like what I’m getting.

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