Stories In the Dark

So for the third time this week, I’m working on Dreaming the Dead late at night, plotting out the line-per-scene. I have 47 scenes plotted so far—one nice, twisty sentence per. At 3000 words per scene (planned), that’s 141,000 words of book.

There’s a lot of stuff I’m missing, and I have a ton of great action into which I now have to go back and work a theme line—what the scene means as well as what the characters do.

And I still don’t have my ending, though I’m pretty close to hitting it.

My hero and heroine are well-represented. I’m a bit thin on getting my villains in there (always a problem).

But there’s something about sitting in bed, typing by the light of the bedside lamp (dim) and the screen that makes storytelling magical.

And I like what I’m getting.

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5 responses to “Stories In the Dark”

  1. steph-osborn Avatar

    And that’s why I adore staying up late at night to write. It’s quiet. I can adjust the ambient lighting to match the mood. I put on music that enables me to think (usually, but not always, something classical)… and just… write…

  2. Cathy Avatar

    I can’t write in bed. My cats walk all over my computer. When goosed by the muse, I must get up into the cold, dark night, walk over to my PC and hammer out, in so many keystrokes, what has flitted through my mind. I really wish I could go back to spiral notebooks.

  3. BeccaBoo G Avatar
    BeccaBoo G

    I would have never, ever suspected that being a bit thin on your villains when plotting was a regular problem for you. Your villains are always incredibly fleshed out and they come across as people you know intimately.

  4. Krista Avatar

    Villains are known for their contrary nature. Surely frustrating the author a bit is part of their MO! 😉

  5. Bonne Friesen Avatar

    I love the mystic quality to your description of this process.

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