Store? What Store?

Okay. In spite of my testing, ebook store software #1 was very good at taking money, and very bad at delivering the ebook. Crappy combination.

I killed the store and hand-sent ebooks to everyone who purchased. I have a second software program I’m testing now.

When I get it going, I’ll monitor it closely, so that if it, too, fails, I’ll be able to kill it and quickly deliver CCC to those who purchased. If this second one doesn’t work, I’ll quit trying to set up pre-grand-opening sales and we’ll all just wait.

Beta testers are doing magnificent work on the REAL store, by the way. Thanks to all of you who are participating in that.

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4 responses to “Store? What Store?”

  1. Alphabeter Avatar

    Margaret is going to spank you.

    I’ve been kicking so many dents in the test system, she’s going to have it teflonated by the open.

    And then you went and opened up a pre-sale which went boom.

    Let us make you a good thing Holly. It will save on the aspirin!

  2. Holly Avatar

    In a bizarre twist of … well, something … nobody’s hand-sent copy had an attachment. I used my online mail because I wasn’t close to my own computer. Apparently my online mailer, which showed the file being delivered, didn’t actually go through with the sending.

    All copies have been resent, this time from the Mac.

    [beating head on wall]

  3. fionaphoenix Avatar

    Looks like I missed a bit over the weekend. Can you give the link to the new store, as the link in the last post seems to be to the old store?
    If I can find it, I will order it! 🙂

  4. Jason Penney Avatar


    My “hand-sent” copy had no attachment. 🙁


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