Still too sick to work

By Holly Lisle

Thanks to those of you who have posted comments on the Plot Clinic. I’ve figured out from what you’ve said that I have to add an additional section to While You’re Writing that includes editing pre-existing manuscripts, that I need to discuss dream journaling in a bit more depth, that Structures has to go in front of Tools even though you use them in the opposite order, and that the description of the clustering tool could be clearer. I’ve also learned that the things that work for me are indeed working for other people, and from the sounds of it, working well. (This part is particularly exciting for me, because until you’ve dissected and explained how you do something to someone else, and seen them get it, you always have a faint suspicion that your method for doing things is bizarre and probably should be kept hidden in a dark corner somewhere, lest you be found out as a lunatic.)

I’ll be reading additional comments today and taking notes, as well as reading and taking notes on the material from the beta testers. But I’m not feeling good enough to work. Being self-employed and having to live on what I make, I have a deep and passionate bias against sick days, but this one can’t be avoided. Going back to bed, but please comment if you haven’t yet. Your results and experiences with the clinic mean a lot to me, and will help make the final version better.


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