Still Sick

I’m still not over whatever this mess is. Since I have almost no energy at the moment, I’m focusing on getting HTRYN lessons done.

Voting on the scholarships is on hold until I’m feeling better, too. Actually, VOTE, VOTE!

But I’ll get everything set up to TALLY the votes when I don’t feel like Morte Au Gratin.

I did write about 150 words of outline for what happens next on TalysMana, but not actual prose.

I’m hoping to get back to it soon.

Meanwhile, I hope your story is coming better than mine.

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13 responses to “Still Sick”

  1. Bekah Avatar

    Hello! I wanted to ask you a question, Holly: How does one know when a manuscript is ready to send out? I’m extremely self-critical, and even though I like my (finished) book pretty well, I just can’t see it as publishable. Pwease help?

  2. Tori Avatar

    Today I wrost 290 words!
    I’m setting my daily words count for 500. We’ll see how that works.

  3. Tori Avatar

    YAY! I set out with a goal of 250 words, and ended up with 289.
    By the way, what is this ‘K’ used for?

  4. Tori Avatar

    Hi holly!
    I’m getting back to a novel called Her Fears of Heights today. My lovely MC, a model, is doing an add for . . . cupcakes? 🙂 Meanwhile, we’ll just see if Russ can convince his daughter he really doesn’t want to date my MC Amelia. ;D

    I’m setting my count today for 250 words. I’ll see how I do with that for my first day back with HFH, and find a word count where I’m comfortable.

  5. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    Hope you feel better soon Holly.

    None for Friday and I only managed 4 nights writing 3661 for the week, I’ve managed to find me a better job, so that has taken up a couple of nights with meetings and stuff! Will get back into the swing in about sixty minutes or so.

    Hope everyone else has performed better, have a good week all.

    Dean H (UK)

  6. Phil Avatar

    Feel better soon Holly!

    I got about 1800 words, but I’m paying the price for not writing every day and I’m falling behind my schedule.

  7. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    My weekend was filled with cleaning, putting Xmas decorations away, and other things to keep from revising. I just didn’t have the drive to do a ton of work, but I did work a chapter a day, so all was not wasted.

    Holly, I hope you get feeling better.

  8. HannaBelle Avatar

    There is some yukky stuff going ’round, so stay in bed as much as you can. Myself, between illness and guests, just worn out. I only have energy in the morning, for anytjhing plus writing, so writing is taking a temporary back seat. Seeing new docs this week, to try to get some energy back.

    Anyhoo, working on the sentence, and though my work is unintentional historical fiction, considering changing the names, so I can at least get past the intimidating issue of not being a scholar. Some people have whole careers based on this author and his confusing works …

  9. Danzier Avatar

    Holly, please get some rest and focus on getting better. Three full sick days can do a lot more good than ten half-days. None of us are going to spontaniously combust if it takes you an extra couple of days to get better. Plus, death in a cheese suit earns you bonus points. If you’re into tea, there’s a Christmas one called Ginger Snappish that takes the edge off of bad flues–not what it’s meant for, but it works. Just please take care of yourself!

    My main character is still off chasing moose through the mountains. Maybe he’ll run into the bad guys and the story can start again, but I’m beginning to think I need to back up a couple thousand words. His mentor just died by pushing him out of the way of a lighning bolt (metaphorically, almost) and instead of dealing with it he goes and sits out all night in the rain, then decides the mentor’s not dead and goes hunting. But the next big thing he’s supposed to do is infiltrate the bad guys’ strategy session… argh.

  10. Jessica Avatar

    1298 on WIP
    Floating around outside of her body Cait waits. It seems like hours before her captor returns home, with the addition of a smaller, quicker set of pitter-pattering feet. Her captor comes down to the cellar to feed her body soup – must keep her alive before she is publicly executed. A small distant voice tells Cait to wait a little more. The pitter-patter returns. The knob on the door begins to turn. It opens a crack… Cait’s consciousness springs in a small explosion of energy.
    “Ow!” Cait opens her eyes, the voice sounds strange and loose. She sniffed back what felt like a snotty little nose but then an arm moved, unbidden by Cait, and wiped the length of a small sleeve against the nose. She feels a reassuring drum of blood pulsing through the body: heart, head, arms, legs, and little something… “Oh no!”

    🙂 This might be the cruellest thing I’ve ever done to an MC: an adult woman sharing the body of a 4yo boy! And not only that but the son of someone who plans to kill her and the nephew of her love interest!

  11. Greg Avatar

    RFW: 1209
    Finished the structural revision of OFL and cut up and re-hashed my first draft so that the cosmetic edit can begin.
    No other words as I invigilated again.

  12. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    Feel better, Holly!

    572 words.

    The Engineer is giving her statement to a bored security officer at the security station when the captain of the Imperial Corvette comes in and raises a ruckus about two of his crewmen getting arrested. The Engineer, who had a hand in starting the fight, sneaks out, and on the way drops a metallic sphere into a trash can.

    I’ve just found out that basically everything I’ve been doing in the revision class so far needs to be thrown out because I’ve been working from my second draft instead of from my first. I like my second draft better than my first. I already know that the main character needs to be cut out and another secondary character promoted to the main character slot. This is disgustapating. But I’m loving the course so far.

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      214 words.

      A crewman dressed up like a maintenance worker for the mining colony and lays a hose across the dock pointed at the open bay door of the Imperial Corvette. A “real” maintenance worker comes up and asks what the hell he’s doing.

      Didn’t get much chance to work today. I’m in a writing class and I was working on the assignment for that. Also, for HTRYN, I’ve got to recreate my first draft of my first novel instead of using the second draft (which I wrote on here, btw). So, I spent some time migrating that over to LSB.

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