Still Plugging Away

Don’t have the day’s necessary words yet, so I’m still searching for them. What came so easily a few hours ago has become an uphill battle — and the tireder I get, the more uphill it’s going to be.

But I’m only a few hundred words shy of my goal right now, and I’m loathe to throw in the towel. Maybe something will kick-start my brain and get this scene moving again.

Conflict — conflict — I’m desperately short of necessary conflict. I have the rron, I have Pete, I have Molly and Lauren and Jake — but I don’t have the problem. And that, of course, is the problem. What changes in this scene? Molly and Lauren are discussing their need to split up because together they’re a juicy target. So obviously something that would make it clear how much of a target they are would liven things up.

And “ching” goes the bell in my brain. When in doubt, always remember that “two men burst through door, guns blazing” will cure a multitude of dulls. Have to do an equivalent here, but that will definitely fix the problem.

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