Still on schedule with RUBY KEY edits

stormsock1 I was up until 2:20 a.m. working on a new scene. Bounced ideas back and forth, used just about every plot trick I know (including finishing up a pair of Dark and Stormy Night Socks I was knitting. It’s amazing how two or three rounds every time you get stuck ads up to socks in a hurry. And knitting is nowhere near as distracting as solitaire for trying to kick ideas loose.), and finally figured out how to solve one particularly thorny problem. Created a monster who gives me the creeps—especially since I know how he became a monster (a bit of horror that will come out later in the book). I’m making excellent progress through the story—I’m still on schedule to finish on time, and I really like the depth the new material is adding. I’m not having an easy time, though, and the 24th is creeping up inexorably. Long days and the unending puzzle of figuring out where to add in new scenes, how to blend them with the old ones, how to keep the very tight story timeline smooth and untangled, how much new worldbuilding to introduce, how and where to deepen characters, and on and on are taking their toll. I’m just constantly tired.


I think my goal after I wrap this up is going to be about three days of straight sleep.

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10 responses to “Still on schedule with RUBY KEY edits”

  1. Sailor Kenshin Avatar
    Sailor Kenshin

    I echo the ‘awesome-socks’ chorus. Seeing them might even coax me back into knitting my own.

  2. TinaK Avatar

    That would be an awesome idea!! I’d love a chance to get a pair of socks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course I never, ever, thought I’d be saying that on a blog (or anywhere else for that matter!) LOL

  3. Holly Avatar

    Tina–You couldn’t buy them. I’m way too slow to actually sell the things. But I might do a themed pair as a giveaway for a contest sometime. Medwind Song’s Headhunter Socks, say. Or Talyn’s Shielder Socks. Or maybe Genna’s Socks She Made Herself.

    Something like that.

  4. TinaK Avatar

    Okay – so much to buy an original pair of Lisle socks? Those are fantastic.

  5. Inkblot Avatar

    Awesome socks Holly ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep at it!

  6. BJSteeves Avatar

    Hang in there, you’ll make it. We’re all here to cheer you on.

  7. Bettye Avatar

    The socks are fantastic as I’m sure your story will be.
    As for you-hugs, blessings and much energy to you.

  8. Jess Avatar

    What Gabriele said. *cheers*

    Sounds like the book is going to be fantastic and worth the toll, but I am sorry the toll is quite so big.

  9. PolarBear Avatar

    OOohhh. Dark and Stormy Night Socks. I love them!

    You’re doing great. You’ll get there.

  10. Gabriele Avatar

    You’ll make it.

    You can always come here for some cheering and pompom waving. ๐Ÿ™‚

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