Still kicking, still writing

So Ohio Novel #1 is pushing hard toward completion — or rather, I’m pushing hard and it’s fighting me all the way to the finish line.

As I’ve discussed on the Alone In a Room with Invisible People podcast, having this book done doesn’t mean there’s going to be a new book. Not soon, anyway.

  • This one is coming out under a pseudonym.
  • I have to write and finish the next four before any of them come out.
  • When they do come out, they’ll be coming out a month apart on Amazon exclusively to begin with, and will,  by Amazon’s terms, stay exclusive for at least one full term per book. 
  • And this particular book and its series are set up to introduce a brand new world, brand new characters, a solid core of layered conflicts that cross and intersect through the entire series… Five books minimum, possible spin-off or connected other characters, other books, and other stories beyond this series for the characters in this one.
  • It’s a big, big project.

I have been head down, learning a lot of new things about revision while doing it.

The How to Revise Your Novel class revision and update is on hold because of what I’m learning, and because I need to figure out how to teach what I’ve learned, and also (only slightly less important) how to present my new discoveries while not giving away my pseudonym. 

But I’m pleased that the book is now over 90,000 words. My objective for all five is 90K apiece. It makes for a nice reading length, and gives me a good writing rhythm for each 3000/word-ish chapter.



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