Sticking to the resolution

I’m having a hell of a time staying off the site. My “five minutes” promise to myself when I realized not going in at all was making me nuts has turned into checking the boards again. I can’t do that. I’m going to have to go cold turkey, with all the withdrawal that entails.

If I weren’t making my way across alien terrain, this wouldn’t be such an issue, but writing in a new genre is really costing me, in terms of focus and energy. I need the immersion. I knew I was going to need it, and I was right — and yet the site just sits there, full of people I like and things I know I want to talk about and learn about.

My resolution is not to go back on the site for any reason (not even to clear new members into YWS or Writerotica — go ahead and apply, I’ll clear you when I get back) until the book is done. It’s going to be hell to keep. But for the sake of immersion, and the focus on this new angle on writing and the urgent need that is driving me to get this book done NOW, I’ve got to toughen up. Wish me luck.

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