Steve Manning Scamspotting Letter — Is It Worth Fighting to Get My Money Back?

Mail send on 3 Dec 2003 – 7:55:35 CST


I was wondering if the woman who was trying to get a refund from Steve Manning ever did receive it?

I unfortunately bought into the same system. He had some testimonials from seemingly reputable authors; I didn’t think it was a scam. And with the unconditional guarantee, I thought I would at least check it out.

But, as others have posted on your page (why, oh why didn’t I run a search on this before ordering?) the “manual” was hastily thrown together and contained many, many spelling errors and such.

I have contacted Steve Manning about a refund and I received (within minutes) the EXACT same email that Ms. BJ on your site received. I have not yet returned the package, but when I do, I will be sure that there are tracking papers involved.

Anyway, to sum up: did that woman ever receive her refund? Would I just be wasting my time and even more money trying to pursue one?

Thanks much,
Peg Taylor

If you didn’t get what you paid for (and this goes for ANY product that offers a money-back guarantee), ALWAYS make the effort to get your money back. Document everything, use every form of tracking in returning materials, and if the company does not honor its guarantee promptly, pursue charge-backs with your credit card company promptly and aggressively. File complaints with the Better Business Bureau, post notices about the problems you’ve had with the company or individual with consumer reporting sites, make sure that other people don’t get taken by the same scam that got you.

DON’T let scammers win — they count on keeping your money (and victimizing other people) by hoping you’ll be too embarrassed to go public about them, and by making getting your money back more trouble than you’re willing to expend. By fighting, you can make a difference, not just for yourself, but for others.

Holly Lisle



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