Steve Manning Failed to Honor Money-Back Guarantee

You were asking about Steve Manning’s writing course and I’ll paste a copy of the messages to him from me regarding his ‘guarantee.’ He has not bothered to return or acknowledge my emails after the initial one saying he would credit my account. He also gave detailed instructions on how to return the merchandise, which cost me an additional $33, and I found out later that sending it that way was not a good idea as it could not be tracked. We suspect Mr. Manning deliberately wanted it sent that way so he could say he didn’t receive it. I don’t know, as he refuses to answer my emails asking for the credit.

Thank you,
BJ [withheld]

From: bj@[withheld]
Date: Tue Sep 30, 2003 04:11:30 PM US/Central
Subject: returned material

Steve, you were so nice in answering my initial email about returning the merchandise, so I don’t understand why you haven’t credited my account. Is the $318 so important to you? I’m a newly divorced woman who is on her own after thirty years of marriage and am trying to find my way in life. I followed your instructions to the letter, mailing the merchandise against the advice of the postal annex, saying the material couldn’t be traced. Since you have not acknowledged the return, I can only think that’s why you wanted it returned by mail. It was very costly to me to return it that way, $33, but I trusted your word. I’m very sorry to learn you are not trustworthy in returning my money.

Could you at least answer my emails? If I don’t hear from you I have no recourse other than pursuing another way to either get my money returned, or to post what’s happened on the internet. I may not get my money back that way, but maybe I can save someone else from throwing over three-hundred dollars away.

Thank you,
BJ [withheld]

From: bj@[withheld]
Date: Fri Sep 19, 2003 11:59:48 AM US/Central
Subject: returned material

Steve Manning,
I can’t understand why I haven’t heard from you. You were so quick to respond when I contacted you after receiving the material and I told you it wasn’t what I expected. On your instruction, I sent the material by mail, which I have the receipt, but I was told that since it went by mail, it couldn’t be traced. You told me it was for custom purposes, but now I wonder.

Would you please credit my card the $318.86 that I paid for your course, which was posted 6/25, 2003 and returned 7/09/03 at a cost of $33/31?

Thank you,
BJ [withheld]

On Tuesday, September 2, 2003, at 02:07 PM, bj@[withheld] wrote:

Hello, Steve –

I just checked with my credit card company and so far, it doesn’t show a credit for the refund. I sent the material by mail at your suggestion,7/0/03 at a cost of $33.31. Will you be crediting my card soon?

Thank you, BJ [withheld], Yucaipa, CA

On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 12:41 PM,
Steve Manning wrote:

I’m so sorry the information in “How To Write A Book on Anything in 14 Days” hasn’t been everything you were hoping for. Hundreds of folks all around the world are using this information to get their books written and published faster than they ever thought possible. But let’s get started on your refund, right away. Please mail the package back to me at 2065 Blue Ridge Crescent Pickering, ON Canada L1X 2N5

Don’t send it via courier, send it by mail. It’s a lot less expensive and the difference is only a couple of days. Also, if you must fill out a customs form, or are asked the value of the material for customs purposes, please use the replacement value of $28. This will eliminate customs duties. Customs duties that must be paid will be eliminated from refund amounts.

As soon as I have the package, your refund will be processed.

I wish you well.

—– Original Message —–
From: bj@[withheld]
To: <>
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 1:38 AM
Subject: material

Steve –

I received the material a few days ago and have watched two videos and have to say, this is not at all what I was looking for. If you’ll look on my order form, there’s a space for me to write BEFORE the order was shipped, and I wrote what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive an answer, either before the order was shipped or at any time.

Can I please send the material back and will you credit my card? I’m sure your method would be great for a non-fiction book, but it’s not what I’m looking for on my fiction book.

Thank you,

December 3, 2003

In answer to numerous inquiries about BJ and the outcome of her problems with Mr. Manning, I asked her to let me know how it turned out. BJ writes:

Thank you, Holly for your concern and for the concern of your readers.

Never did get resolved and Mr. Manning still does not answer my emails. I had called my credit card company the first month after sending the material back, but the card company said it was too soon for the refund to show and to check the next month. I checked the next month and the woman I spoke with said she’d put the amount into dispute. I trusted that would happen; however, the next month the charge was still there. I called, the credit card company said there was no record of the dispute and I was two days too late. Now I’m paying on the charge because I can’t find the note where I jotted down the woman’s name at the credit card company. It’s terrible to have to learn not to trust, but a lesson I’m learning in order to survive.

Thank you, Holly, it’s nice that someone still cares.


Rule of thumb if you’re facing the same situation — CONDUCT ALL EXCHANGES WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY IN WRITING ONLY. Otherwise, they’re only marginally more ethical than Mr. Manning appears to be.

From: bj@<withheld>.com
Date: Thu Dec 4, 2003 10:58:58 AM US/Eastern
To: Holly Lisle
Subject: Steve Manning refund


This was in my email box today; I just couldn’t believe it. I know it’s because of the correspondence on your web site. If honor doesn’t get a job done, then embarrasment often will. This email was followed in just a few minutes by another one with a conformation number for the credit. Thank you! Thank you very much for having a site available where people like me can post what has happened to them, and especially for your interest.


Begin forwarded message:
From: “Steve Manning” <>
Date: Thu Dec 04, 2003 08:01:16 AM US/Central
To: <bj@<withheld>.com>
Subject: Re: refund credit

Hi BJ!

My sincere apologies. Lots of reasons, no excuses. As soon as I can find your order, I’ll be processing your refund. Should take no more than a few minutes. And I’ll let you know when it has been done.




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