Starting Back on C

By Holly Lisle

Starting back on C.

My revision pace on HAWKSPAR is excruciatingly slow. I’m making progress, but it is the progress of inches, not miles, when miles are what I need. I’m having to retrofit details from the massive worldbuilding that I did as I progressed through the book, remove storylines, add storylines, insert characters from the second half into the first half and give them lives and purpose. I now anticipate the rewrite taking me about twice as long as writing the first draft took — and I think in doing so I’m probably being conservative.

With that fact sitting in front of me, and with the realization that, if I don’t do something, it spells the death-knell for writing “C” this year, I’ve started back into “C” — I’ll write “C” until I hit 3000 words or better each day, the work the rest of the day on HAWKSPAR.

I’ll post notices like this from time to time to keep you up to date, but until I get a break in the pressure, I’m going to stay offline.

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