Started into The Longview, and the HTWAS Expansion

I got 2058 words on the first story in Tales from the Longview, a planned 60,000-70,000 word series of 6 or 7 10,000-word stories set in my Settled Space universe, which is also the home of my Cadence Drake novels.

This was my original concept for the series:

After the development of the origami drive, Sleeper ships became useless…for a while. But old technologies can find their place in the future—with the right mission, and with an owner who can take the long view.

It’s a bit thin, but the Sentence for the first story is stronger:

A criminal sentenced to the Death Circus for daring to love discovers a second chance at life within his death.

So here’s going to be my process:

I’m going to write each of the six or seven stories first. I’m also going to self-pub each story separately, and then going to do an anthology of them when I’m done.

After I complete one story, I’ll put together the How To Write A Series Expansion module for that story. Then I’ll publish the story. Then write the next story. Then do the next module.

Students of the course will receive the multiple story drafts (I think of them as “dailies”) as part of their course.

After I have each module together, but before I’ll take it live, I’ll send out one last call to the folks on the How To Write A Series Expansion list, (which will also include lesson reminders and links), and will make sure that you get the best price on the course available.

If you’re interested, in the How To Write A Series Expansion, sign up here:

Closed. Forms Removed.

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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9 years ago

Hi Holly,
How is the first expansion mod coming along?

9 years ago

I remember getting HTWAS as a bonus for purchasing another of the career classes (I think it was HTRYN.) With the expansions coming, does that mean I now have to buy HTWAS to get them?

Wolfgang Oberleithner
Wolfgang Oberleithner
9 years ago

Hi Holly. I subscribed to the expansion notification, but the letter starts with “the current version of the How to Revise Your Novel Course …”
It should start with “How to Write a Series”. Am I right?

best regards, Wolfgang

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