Spinning Back The Reel

421 words on TalysMana tonight—it was another interlude chapter, this one taking me into Kettan’s world after she returned to the What Is to make her talysmana to protect her Fendles.

Tonight I got as far as showing what happened to them after she left. I have not yet gotten to the point of showing what happens when she works out the idea for the talysmana. That comes next, and I’m looking forward to it. Tonight, the writing was grim.

Elsewhere, it’s been a zoo. I’m still coughing up junk and tired all the time. I remembered income tax stuff in time (barely) to get the info for the 1099s I have to send out to my accountant. It was pretty cool this year to have a handful of affiliates who made enough money that they NEEDED 1099s. There would have been a lot more, but many of my affiliates are outside the US, and don’t have to report their earnings in this country.

We’re looking for new digs, which is about the least fun thing ever—but rent is high, and our current neighborhood isn’t great. Somewhat better than the place that had the crime scene tape a couple buildings down from the building we thought we wanted into, though. Amazing how much less attractive “Police Line, Do Not Cross, Crime Scene” makes a neighborhood.

And I’m doing the HTRYN course. So I was AWOL from the writing diary for a lot of last week.

Hoping this week will be better, but I’m remembering that every January is a zoo. So I’m not holding my breath.

How’s your writing coming along?

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13 responses to “Spinning Back The Reel”

  1. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    0 words for Friday but 4690 for the week its flowing really well at the mo although I know i’ve got to go back and put a little more depth in certain areas but its good to just keep getting the story line down, nearly two thirds of the way through now!

    Did anyone ever say this was going to be easy? You set your target and you’re never ever going to reach it but day by day you get a little closer, there’s light at the end of the tunnel but i’m afraid its a very very long tunnel.

    Have a good week everyone.

  2. Larkk Avatar

    608 words starting my phase outline. I have a beginning and, finally, an idea of where the ending has to go. No breakthroughs today, but last week I saw my hero’s eyes, (which I am still woefully inadequate as a writer to describe) and, somehow, at the same time started to see what he would have to do to fulfill his need.
    It’s super fun when that kind of stuff happens, and it’s the reason I come back to my words every day 🙂

    Lots of scene cards on the revision course, too.

  3. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    0 words.

    Yesterday was completely spent on revising… and watching football. Got a ton of work done on the revision front. The HTRYN course is really opening my eyes.

  4. HannaBelle Avatar

    I have not stopped writing or thinking about writing, just got sidetracked, VERY sidetracked.

    My sentences are almost done, can’t do just one. Then some new planning. I also will do some daily writing prompts, to start a new habit. Working full time is kicking my hiney and all areas of my life were temporarily chaotic.

    Will post today’s words tomorrow. Yay!!

  5. Greg Avatar

    Oh, and incidentally, I found this website recently: http://www.agentquery.com/
    …may be of some help to anyone who’s completed a novel.

  6. Gabby Avatar

    Glad you’re back, Holly. I hope you feel better soon.
    Another couple hundred words yesterday. (just busy with other stuff)

  7. Jessica Avatar

    I managed to get a page of background story told by James, for the denoumennt. It’s going to help set up the displacement theory in revision. Until then I still have several scenes to go but I don’t think I’ll be making 100K in the first draft, maybe 85-90K if I’m lucky.

  8. Greg Avatar

    Four scenes of D&DI revised and about 4k words of OFL.

  9. DasteRoad Avatar

    Hope you recover soon, Holly.

    I took a little break off writing on the weekend because I went to see my beloved in Verona. The funny thing in Verona is that they have an ancient house with a balcony that’s supposed to be “Juliet’s house” which acts as a tourist magnet. There’s a statue of Juliet and apparently there’s a tradition for young lovers to write supposedly romantic messages and eternal love pledges on the walls of the house.

    The actually funny thing is the plaque above the entrance stating that Juliet actually lived there – as if Shakespeare’s Juliet were an historical figure. Also, the number of people genuinely convinced of this. The things they do for tourism.

    1. HannaBelle Avatar

      I sent you a private message from the Forum section of HTTS. Actually, I will need to send you two, I forgot to give you my email address.

      1. DasteRoad Avatar

        I saw it, and I replied to you by email! ^_^

  10. Shayda Bakhshi Avatar

    Hope you feel better soon! You’re such a busy person; I don’t know how you do it.

    I just threw out 30K words (nominally–they’re saved on my computer). The whole tone and pacing of the prose was good (and I really loved certain sections!), but wrong for the story I’m trying to tell. So I’ve got about 1200 words now. But they’re more tailored to the feel of the project, and I know exactly where I want to go with it. It’s going to move fast here on out.

  11. Writing Nerd Avatar
    Writing Nerd

    Today, I got the ultimate high. No, I’m not on drugs. Never have been, never will be. Haha.

    You see, I’ve been tallying up my word count daily, and I realized a few days ago that I had reached 15k words. Never. In. My. Life. Have I written that much. I felt so proud of myself. I was gushing. And today, when I had to print out everything I wrote for the Culture Clinic and reprint some other stuff due to changes and put it into my WOA binder along with my Language Workshop, well…. it was one of the coolest moments I have ever experienced.

    I mean, I’ve gotten awards and good grades in school, but this was different. I wrote that. I created that. I couldn’t believe it. Just seeing the pages in my hands is amazing. This book has never felt more REAL AND REACHABLE AND DOABLE to me. Everyday the world and characters gain more flesh and breath as I explore them through these workshops. Thank you Holly. Couldn’t have done this without you. 🙂 Happy writing everyone.

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