Spineless Corporate Weaselturds

How Yahoo sold out free speech for corporate profits.

I see red. I do. These shitbags think the bottom line is more important than a human life. And they’ll sell a human being into torture and slavery and eventual death to make the shareholders happy.

After all, he’s just some Chinese guy, right?


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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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17 years ago


It’s getting hard to find search engines that aren’t scumbags. Ask.com is the only major one I can think of that isn’t either ignoring copyright law or supporting government censorship.

17 years ago

Hi, Holly and all. This is my first comment here, though I’ve been following the blog for a while.

This post really freaked me out, not because of what the Reuters article says, but because of my reaction to it. There was a day when I used to care and to get upset. Now, I just feel tired. When did I become so numb? Do I no longer care that the people with power abuse it and that ninety percent of the rest of us go out of our way to cooperate? I don’t know whether to feel mad or just depressed.

Anymore, there’s very little that human beings can do to shock me.

Take care.

17 years ago

Spineless, greedy, bastards. I will no longer use Yahoo.

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