Spaceships and Worlds

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m a nerd.

That I’m a writing geek cannot be news to anyone—I love to pull apart the processes of writing to see how they work and put them together in new and more useful ways.

But I’m also a video gamer (Fallout, Destiny, Terraria, and many more).

And Minecraft is my all-time favorite ever. I’m not the biggest Minecraft geek, but I’m right up there.

Doubt me?

I built LIFE-SIZED, full-scale walkthrough models of all of Cadence Drake’s spaceships.
Bailey's Irish Space Station and Ships
And her home base, Bailey’s Irish Space Station.

And The Longview, plus a PHTF world it’s docked over, and the space needle to which it’s docked. (The space needle isn’t life-sized because Minecraft isn’t tall enough).
Longview and Needle at Dawn

AND the City of Furies.
City of Furies from the High Road


Because I wanted to see what was there. Because I find it a useful way to ask myself questions. Because it drives me nuts to have places shift around in books so that sometimes they’re right next door and sometimes they’re five miles away, and if I can walk around inside my places, I know I have them right.

Because it’s fun. That last one most of all. Because it is a blast to create a building, ask why is that there, and then discover some truly wicked story twist that would never have happened had I not built the building, added the room, and then poked a little hole in the floor…

Do you play Minecraft?

Want to walk around inside my worlds. You’ll find lots of questions, some of them on rows of signs because you’ve tripped over a place where I’m figuring out a story.

You won’t find answers. I save those for the stories themselves.

CADY 1: Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood

CADY 2: Warpaint

LONGVIEW 1: Born from Fire

LONGVIEW 2: The Selling of Suzee Delight

LONGVIEW 3: The Philosopher Gambit

LONGVIEW 4: Gunslinger Moon

LONGVIEW 5: Vipers’ Nest

LONGVIEW 6: The Owner’s Tale

The Longview Chronicles: The Complete Boxed Set

But if you’d like to tromp around inside my worlds, you can download them below. Free, of course. They work on any PC/Mac that will run Minecraft.

IMPORTANT: I do not answer questions about Minecraft or the maps, or, provide support for Minecraft or the maps. They’ll run on the most recent update, but because I keep my version current and because I love to use new Minecraft features, they may not be backward compatible if you don’t.


Cadence Drake / Bailey’s Irish Space Station:

2019 Cady: Ships and Bailey’s Irish Space Station
2019 Cady: Ships and Bailey’s Irish Space Station


2018-Longview & PHTF Village
2018-Longview & PHTF Village

City of Furies:

2018-City of Furies
2018-City of Furies

NEW! Weyrd’s Place:

2018 – Weyrd’s Place
2018 – Weyrd’s Place