Soundtrack for MPII

This proposal needed music; rather I needed to find my way through some of the complexities to the core. Music is good for that. This is the music that I’ll listen to while writing the books, the songtrack for the first story at least, and maybe the other three.

Assuming the project sells. Always have to put that in there.

MPII Soundtrack

Shoot The Moon Norah Jones Come Away With Me
Simple Kind of Life No Doubt Return Of Saturn
In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel So
Hot Night Laura Branigan Ghostbusters
Ghost Dance Cusco Essential Cusco: The Journey
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Falling Up Natasha’s Ghost Shimmer
How You Remind Me Nickelback Silver Side Up
I Don’t Want to Wait Paula Cole This Fire
Credidi Ars Cantica Consort Vincenzo Ruffo: Psalms & Chants of Meditation
The Briar And The Rose Niamh Parsons And Loose Connections Her Infinite Variety: Celtic Women In Music & Song (Disc 1)
The Unforgiven II Metallica ReLoad
Whale & Wasp Alice In Chains Jar Of Flies
This Shirt Mary Chapin Carpenter Party Doll and Other Favorites
It’s All Been Done Barenaked Ladies Come On Elieen
An Fharraige Máire Brennan The Celtic Circle 2 (Disc 1)
Walking in Memphis Marc Cohn Marc Cohn
A Thousand Beautiful Things Annie Lennox Bare

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5 responses to “Soundtrack for MPII”

  1. SteveWShaw Avatar

    I have an “80’s mental block” simply because my wife’s favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. For some reason Laura Branigan triggered the memory of that movie for me. I checked the soundtrack, and Laura wasn’t on it…so I don’t know where my foolishness came from. With Dirty Dancing, I am like a dog that has been disciplined too much; I flinch at anything that resembles Dirty Dancing. ‘Nuff said. have a good writing day.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Laura Branigan. 😀 It fits the book, and I like the song. Always did.

  3. SteveWShaw Avatar

    I was going to ditto the eclectic, but Laura Branigan?

  4. Liz Avatar

    Your taste is absolutely eclectic. I love it! 🙂

  5. wolverine Avatar

    This isn’t actually about your music (although I’m finding it strange that today of all days you posted it — just a strange serendipity type thing for me at the moment), but about your books. Before you created your shop, your site link to ‘Books’ led to a general page with covers and also a link to a website that sold all of your books, in print and out of print and rare. I can’t find that link now and I can’t remember what the site was; would you be able to post it here please?

    Thank you,

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