Sorry About That

By Holly Lisle

It’s been a while.

I apologize for the unplanned absence. One sinus headache extended into about two weeks of them as our weather went from below freezing to mid-80s and back, with days of rain alternating throughout; during that entire time, I was managing about one to two hours of work on the days when I could work at all.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been fine. Got a lot of catch-up (non-writing) work taken care of yesterday, and today I set up Lazette Gifford’s Muse to go on sale as the HollyShop‘s first Fiction Pick. It will be available in e-book form either today, or in the next couple of days, depending on when the file passes its final okay.

Now I’m working on the revision of the EMT proposal for Claire. It’s coming along pretty well, and I’m hoping to be able to send it to Robin today. If I do, tomorrow I’ll get back to work on the e-book version of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood. And then, back to Cady II.

It’s good to be working again. Hell, it’s good to be able to look at the screen for more than a few minutes at a time again.

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