Somewhere, I’m Queen of the World

Kettan once again sees her alterself in the shadows, this time as a captive in hellish danger.

I just did a rough start on the next scene (titled above), and I’m not sure where it’ll end up. I want to get her into Story, but I don’t want to make it easy for her to get there. Writing this, though, I just had an idea—I’ll let it perk overnight and see what happens with it tomorrow.

Got 330 words, and really like the way this is going.

How are your words coming?

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21 responses to “Somewhere, I’m Queen of the World”

  1. Tori Avatar

    Thank you so much for clarifying this for me! Sounds like the kind of person I would love to meet!

  2. Tori Avatar

    Have not written since the end of Nano. Right now I need to clear my head and see where to take things. I did not outline this project. That was my biggest mistake. Then again…I did not really have the time. Hopefully with a little break I’ll have a better idea of where my characters need to end up. I am so close to the end. So close. I can’t quit now.

    Holly- Your story is amazing. But I have one question: How does Kettan get the money to replace the things that were stolen?

    1. Holly Avatar

      🙂 She’s a practical girl, is Kettan. She had renter’s insurance, and documented what she owned. She didn’t have enough to replace everything, though…so she just replaced her work stuff and a couple pieces of furniture. And three sets of cheap-ass clothes from Wal-Mart.

      She clearly shares my priorities.

  3. Greg Avatar

    Friday’s words:
    KavI: 457, and a little bit off waffling. I found myself enjoying a character who only has this one scene as he dies at the end of it! Some of it will need tightening up in redraft.
    OFL: 1031. Loads of short scenes in this story. Got onto scene 100 today. Something to tick off first thing Monday.
    RFW: 1076. Hadn’t got a lot of today’s scene figured out, so some ad libbing. Went okay, though.

  4. Leah Avatar

    1021. FINALLY got some writing done. How come the holidays have to be so packed? But finished my chapter! Getting closer to the finish line.

  5. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    Have a good week everyone

  6. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    Hi All

    1264 for Friday 2943 for the week had a bad week for writing my daughter kept me awake for a couple of nights coughing, poor girl but while I was lying awake thinking i’ve now got the next couple of chapters deep in my thoughts I know what’s next for Marc Peters????

    Something inside Peters was telling him this didn’t feel right! Those sounds and the way the man had stood and now the speed to which he was running! Peters had been a district 400 metres champion, he could actually sprint that distance in his younger years, he watched the bald man cover 400 metres in around 28 seconds ‘That’s way too fast! Jesus! Olympic standard is around 44 seconds’ he felt anxious and scared, a warning bolt shot through his brain ‘something isn’t right!’ This man was running at him with intent! ‘Intent on what?’

    Dean H (UK)

  7. Cayleigh Avatar

    700 some words yesterday, and another 1000 today, though I’m not sure how many–just like the snow I’m watching as I type–will stick. They go well with the plot and came out–in my opinion–pretty suspensful and entertaining, but when I go back and start chopping the page count they might end up on the block.

  8. Dawn Montgomery Avatar

    726 on the Demon WIP for me. Not bad for the first day. I’m in Istanbul time, so I’m ahead of most of the US by 7+ hours. I’m really excited!

  9. Rabia Avatar

    Nothing yesterday, but got 900-ish words on a new scene the day before. Going back to revising tonight. 🙂

  10. Peggy Avatar

    420 on Thursday. Words are coming slowly, and I’m very tempted to blame the NyQuil I’m still taking for the lingering effects of the cold.

    If it’s not a result of the NyQuil, that means my subconscious is clearly already on vacation, when my body’s not scheduled to leave until the 14th.

  11. Jessica Avatar

    Another 500ish on my semi-pantsing trial. I worked on more of the Cait vs Speaker scene. Typed everything up and I’m now sitting on 68K. 😀

    There are some gaps in the scene still, but overall, Cait’s character is developing into someone hard and devious, which works nicely as she gets closer to the climax when she must decide which side of the triangle (rebel, militia, politics) she would rather be on.

    I’m hoping to make Saturday a marathon write-in to get a leg up on my end goal. With 32K to go over 3 weeks… it’s going to be tight!

  12. Khena Avatar

    I forgot to write on the second, whoops. I did a great deal of revising, but I should have taken 10 mins or so. My self-imposed deadline is looming ever closer…

    Yesterday was just one of those days, the kids went crazy, my roof i sunder construction, and it was just blah. But I made myself write, and the first 100 words were just torture. I was barely going to make it to my 250 words when the magic happened. Things just started to go well, I remembered the reason I was writing the story I had abandoned for NaNo, and I get 649 words in no time at all. I was so happy! But, as I was about to fall asleep, I stopped there.

    Dragonfly just keeps…. explanding! Everytime I finish a scene, it seems like I need to add an extra one in before I can continue on with my plot cards. It;s great, and horrible all at the same time! Sometimes I don’t think this story will ever end!

  13. Greg Avatar

    Thursday’s words (3rd Dec)
    KavI: 430, and the new first scene drafted.
    OFL: 1039, and a couple of stronger scenes which helped the words come – the more conflict, the easier/more fun it is to write!
    RFW: 1002. In my mind, this story is to have a slightly epic feel, as it spans 20 years or so, and part of my trouble is trying to capture what else is going on in the world that is relevant later, without it feeling forced or becoming dull. I’m just sticking down whatever comes out now, and hopefully everything that needs to find a home will find its rightful place during revision.

  14. HannaBelle Avatar

    Still on track. Finished scene sentences last night. Even more important, I found a way to take the story along a path that works. Will start writing and re-writing this weekend.

    If I can find time at work today, I will clean up the sentences or re-read the 30 page false start OR just WRITE.

    Even more important, I have not abandoned the project. I work on other stuff from time to time, but I have not given up.

  15. Dawn Montgomery Avatar

    I’m in! I just saw your article on choosing a pace that’s sane and stress free (mostly). I was just working my way through the dismal failure loop on not making my daily writing goals. I think this kind of pace is exactly what I need. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Dawn!

      Welcome to our fun!

  16. Kathy C Avatar
    Kathy C

    Woohoo I managed to add 286 words before I sign off and head for bed. I think what I just added will require scrolling back up and adding to some of the stuff that came before. I’m working on two projects. I started one in September for Unleash Your Story and another for NaNo in November. They both will be finished and when they are it will be the first real things I’ve completed all the way to the end. Then comes the fun part revising them.

  17. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    783 words (12/2)
    422 words (12/3)

    The Princess follows the Bodyguard as he rushes to find a particular shuttle on the docks. The Bodyguard is afraid that the fighting down below will cause the flights to be cancelled. She wants to go down and fight but she follows the bodyguard. They rush onto a shuttle that belongs to the ship of a friend of the Bodyguard’s and they take off. The plan is for The Princess and the Bodyguard to pretend to be crew members. The Princess, with some batting of eyelashes, convinces the captain that they should do more than pretend and asks to be trained on being a pilot. The ID that the Bodyguard had made for her said she was a pilot so she might as well be one, right? And after they get to the main ship, she gets some training. Until a message comes in and the captain takes control back.

    Lotta work the past few days. I also knocked out 3 more chapters in HTRYN (week 1). I’m kinda liking that old story about the Thief, the Sheriff, and the Mage.

  18. Teri Avatar

    636 words.

    Zhaer has heard the rumour that would keep Princess Laena from inheriting the throne if it’s true, and has decided to see if there is any proof to be discovered to verify it.

  19. zette Avatar

    I love the title to this one!

    I’ve been working almost entirely on nonfiction since the end of NaNo. I think I’m going a bit crazy. Time to pull out something and work on it!

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