Sometimes the bear eats you… 833 words, but I do like them

By Holly Lisle

I started in this morning at about 7:30 AM, got going at a pretty good clip, and then realized I didn’t like what I was getting.

So I deleted that, came at it from a different direction…

And didn’t like what I was getting.

So I tried a third time. 

As I write this post, it’s 12:23 PM, and I’ve decided the third direction is working, and is keepable. I’ve written a lot of words today, but the only words you get to count are the ones you get to keep.

So I didn’t hit my objective, even though I most assuredly wrote more words than the objective.

This is writing. Sometimes its tougher than this. Sometimes I end up with negative numbers. 

Today I’m still on the right side of the line, even though my progress bar isn’t as fat and beautiful as I would prefer.

Tomorrow, I’ll do it again.

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