Sometimes Real Writers … Splat

I’m taking a mental health day — got a bad rejection on a proposal yesterday. (A good rejection is one you see coming. A bad rejection is one where they’re telling you they’ll get you an offer in the next two or three days, and then they blind-side you with, “Uh, no, actually, we’ve decided to pass on this.”)

I’m going to rearrange furniture in the community and move moderators around for a while. I’d be useless for writing right at the moment. I should be better by tomorrow.

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5 responses to “Sometimes Real Writers … Splat”

  1. Kay House Avatar
    Kay House

    Oh, By the way, did you know that when I was through just now you were #10 on the best at BlogSpot, with a 77% rating? That’s quite good and has you well up on the first page!

  2. Kay House Avatar
    Kay House



    What an INCREDIBLE bummer!!!!!

    There’s NOTHING worse than some piece of excrement human being who leads you on just to drop you in the mud. People like that should never be allowed to have any fun, and should always get caught at EVERY red light when they are late, with a police car sitting next to them at the light.

  3. Linda Avatar

    This is a hard time, Holly. Here’s some hugs. (((hugs)))

  4. Gayle Avatar


  5. David Stone Avatar
    David Stone

    That’s horrible.

    If it was me, I’d be rearranging the furniture all right – throwing it against the walls!

    Keep smiling. We all love you.


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