Something worth watching

I found this on J.W.Johnson’s website. The Air Force Kid is going to Iraq in a couple of weeks, for nine months. The following YouTube presentation was an important reminder for me, and, I think, for everyone. I hope you’ll watch.

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3 responses to “Something worth watching”

  1. Mo_olelo Avatar

    Oh this brought back memories of leave takings and homecomings. I cried the whole way through.

    My husband was career army and my biggest fear through all the years until he retired was that one day he wouldn’t come home to me. It was hard to live with that, but it also made me appreciate every single moment we have together.

    May your son come home safely.

    And something else important to remember Holly. Their service is well and truly great, but we also serve who stand and wait.

  2. Warbric Avatar

    This old sergeant cried through the whole thing. I remember watching my dad leave for Viet Nam twice and was fortunate enough to see him come home safely. I was over there for Desert Storm in 90-91. That little video brought back a lot of memories.

    May the Air Force Kid keep well and come home safely.

  3. TinaK Avatar

    Thank you Holly, for raising a son who believes enough to fight. And thank you for posting this, for Air Force wives like me, who hear and see everyday how much people DON’T care anymore.

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