Some of what ISN’T wrong with me

By Holly Lisle

Got the results of an MRI and MRA of my brain back yesterday. Whatever this is, it’s NOT either a cerebral aneurysm or a brain tumor. Very happy about that.

My symptoms haven’t abated—I’m having a rough time sitting up right now to type this—so we have more testing upcoming, some for serious stuff. But I’m truly grateful to have both of those monster diagnoses off my back.

And I appreciate every e-mail you’ve sent expressing support or letting me know of personal experiences with this same batch of symptoms. I haven’t had the strength to answer them all, but I have read every one.

Also got some copies of very cool pictures of the inside of my head, and when I get the office put together (I haven’t been up to unpacking, and Matt’s been doing everything on his own in between being with me), I’ll scan a couple and post them here. I got out of nursing BEFORE MRIs were common technology—if you haven’t seen what science can do with giant magnets and film, you’re in for a (mildly creepy) treat.

Speaking of science brings me to the following question. My father-in-law is an award-winning public-school science teacher who is angry and frustrated about how dumbed-down, poorly constructed mandatory curricula are crippling the way science teachers can teach in public schools and how these curricula are actually preventing kids from learning real, usable, fascinating science.

After trying to fix the system from the inside—and I’ve watched him fight this fight for years—he’s determined to find a way to teach good science on his own.

If you have a kid in any variety of school (public, private, or homeschool), would you please drop by his blog, read his first post, and give him your ideas on what good science teaching for your kid would include?

Here’s the post:
New Online Science Course

I really appreciate any comments you can offer him.

And I’ll keep you updated on my medical stuff as I progress through testing (or if I find ANYthing that will help these symptoms and get me back to work).

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