Some initial feedback on Midnight Rain

Got a call yesterday from Robin Rue, my agent, who was 200 pages into Midnight Rain, and excited. Excitement in an agent is not all that common a thing. Uncommon enough, in fact, that I did not sleep last night. I may hear today what she thinks about the book as a whole. If I don’t, I may be nuts by the end of the day.

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  • Lydia/wizardofkamsan Apr 9, 2003 @ 17:44

    Excitement? Well, I at least know that anything of yours that I read makes ME excited. I’m glad she’s excited too!

  • Jean Apr 9, 2003 @ 17:33

    Hmmm…excitement instilled in your agent? You are phenomenal! I’m not surprised. Hope there’s more good news to follow!

  • Nonny Apr 9, 2003 @ 16:50

    Wow! That’s great, Holly! From what I’ve read of Midnight Rain in your posted snippets, it sure deserves excitement! That is so wonderful!!! Congratulations!!! 😀

  • Kay House Apr 9, 2003 @ 14:16

    Excellent news!!! May she call again soon!!! (To tell you that she’s even more excited!)


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