Some initial feedback on Midnight Rain

Got a call yesterday from Robin Rue, my agent, who was 200 pages into Midnight Rain, and excited. Excitement in an agent is not all that common a thing. Uncommon enough, in fact, that I did not sleep last night. I may hear today what she thinks about the book as a whole. If I don’t, I may be nuts by the end of the day.

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4 responses to “Some initial feedback on Midnight Rain”

  1. Lydia/wizardofkamsan Avatar

    Excitement? Well, I at least know that anything of yours that I read makes ME excited. I’m glad she’s excited too!

  2. Jean Avatar

    Hmmm…excitement instilled in your agent? You are phenomenal! I’m not surprised. Hope there’s more good news to follow!

  3. Nonny Avatar

    Wow! That’s great, Holly! From what I’ve read of Midnight Rain in your posted snippets, it sure deserves excitement! That is so wonderful!!! Congratulations!!! 😀

  4. Kay House Avatar
    Kay House

    Excellent news!!! May she call again soon!!! (To tell you that she’s even more excited!)


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