Some continuing chaos to the day, but GOT the words! And damn… I love ’em

There’s stuff you plan.

There’s stuff you have written out in line-for-scene sentences in your chapter synopsis in Scrivener — 30 words max that give you the starting conflict, the characters, and the setting.

And then there’s where you go with it once you’ve established those things… and today, I went someplace new. 

Got 1259 words (just over my 1250 planned for the day), because there’s been a LOT going in real life here, and it’s NOT stuff I planned, and it’s going to mean I’m going to be doing a lot of long hours for a while…

And today I still have a bunch more work to do before I can quit.

But that’s the breaks. I’ll work as long as I have to, I’ll get everything finished.

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