Socks That Don’t Fit

By Holly Lisle

Serenity Prosperity Health socksI bought some good sock yarn. Lovely hand-painted 100% merino wool spun so fine I had to knit it up with US 0 size needles. I’d thought to make myself a really spiffy pair of socks, and sock construction being what it is, you try socks on as you’re making them and adjust the fit as necessary, and when you’re done, they fit you perfectly, so I was not foreseeing anything untoward happening.

I did them as quantum socks, though not in Anzi patterns, because I figured I needed some socks to wear outside the house, and the Anzi socks are pretty…um…cultural looking. Meaning that Matt laughs at them. I did the Anzi meditations, though, and I knitted Serenity, Prosperity, and Health into them.

And when I finished the first one–quite an undertaking in itself, because these things go eighty stitches round, and a couple hundred stitches down, so that we’re talking about roughly 16000 stitches per sock (or about 32000 the pair), it didn’t fit.

Remember what I said about socks you make for yourself always fitting, because you constantly try them on? I tried the sock on. It fit until I finished it, and then it was too big.

The only conclusion I could come to was that I wasn’t making that pair of socks for me.

So I knit the second one, and in the meantime discovered the person whom the socks would fit, and who happened to be in need of some Serenity, Prosperity, and Health. So they’re going out in the mail to her tomorrow. Meantime, though, they really are some spiffy socks. My design, the first things I’ve ever made on size 0 needles (think “toothpicks” for those of you who are reading this but don’t knit). And I wanted to post the picture I took of them, and brag just a bit.

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