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Is it a really hideous sin, when you make your own WordPress template, to use an HTML table for the structure? My three-column layout works, dammit. In all browsers. Yeah, it’s old code. But it works.

All the CSS-only three-column layouts have problems with one browser or another, or are full of kludges. One freaking table, and mine flexes where I want it to flex, holds where I want it to hold, and supports even legacy browsers.


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  1. Deathbyabsurdity Avatar


    You can’t please everyone. If you want some help with the CSS, lemme know. I have a much better time writing techie stuff than fiction. LOL

  2. Jason Penney Avatar

    I know what you mean. I have a three column CSS based layout, and mostly it works ok, but there are some issues on some browsers (although it seems to always be readable, it’s not always pretty). You might be interested in this. It’s a javascript “patch” for IE based browsers to make them behave in a standards compliant way. It fixed some issues people were having on my site.

    I thought one of the other reasons to avoid tables was that they made things difficult for blind users who are using screen readers. This may no longer be true, but I’m not sure.


  3. Holly Avatar

    I was interested in CSS because I’m about to overrun my bandwidth again. I knew 100% CSS layouts were lighter. Problem is, since I started doing this, my one objective with site design was to make the site accessible to every browser. And these are the browsers I currently have to design for.

    If everyone switched to latest versions of Firefox/ Opera/ Mozilla, my task would be trivial. But that ain’t going to happen. So I try to keep older browsers and odd formats in mind when I’m putting pieces together.

  4. JeriT Avatar

    I’m doing the same thing on my WordPress blog, so don’t feel bad. The old layout worked and I just don’t feel like burrowing my way into CSS deep enough to figure out all the nooks and crannies at the moment. As long as it displays what I want, I like the look, I can post and people can comment, it’s all right by me.

    Having said all that, I did like your layout better with the small columns left and right and the main entry part in the middle. Just personal preference.

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    Non-table-based layouts are mostly good because (1) they require less code (and therefore less bandwidth) and (2) the page can start rendering before all the information arrives. Since you don’t have a hugely complicated layout and what’s in it is mostly text, neither incentive is that high for you. CSS layouts are also good for redesigning, since you can often just change the CSS and leave the HTML alone, but you probably don’t care so much about that either. So if a table works for you, I say use what works.

  6. Mary ahdie Avatar
    Mary ahdie

    I agree with Rick.

  7. Rick Avatar

    Eh, I much prefer the other way – one column on each side. This way just looks cluttered IMO.

    But then, you can’t please everybody.

  8. bonniew Avatar

    Looks good, too. I’m glad you put the little jean picture back up.

    I prefer two right sidebars myself, as that tends to draw more attention to the entries (as they’re on the left, and that will be the first place your eyes are drawn to). But whatever floats your boat.

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