So Which Gift Do You Want?

As I noted earlier, EVERYONE who follows me on Twitter will get something cool. Now you get to decide which cool thing it will be…

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25 responses to “So Which Gift Do You Want?”

  1. DaltonLynne Avatar

    I noted that I’m not the only one having difficulty downloading from the link. The course that won happens to be the very one I don’t currently have in my collection, so I was really looking forward to it but have been unable to successfully download it (despite trying on two different browsers).

    Does anyone know what is causing the problem?

  2. belle Avatar

    The “view results” does not show the voting percentage for Scenes.

  3. hearwritenow Avatar

    The updates show that Scenes is getting votes, so it must have just been an issue with viewing the results. (My fingers are crossed as it is the only one I don’t have.)

    Holly, you’re a real sweetie.

  4. Holly Avatar

    I couldn’t add anyone’s vote. That’s why I keep reposting the voting link. So don’t worry about voting twice.

    And thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m looking forward to the 8th.

    As for passing on the “Everyone following me on Twitter” gift, please don’t. While folks who won one of the big prizes can ask me to pass on their prizes to someone else if they already have something, the “everyone” course is still a paid product, and looks like it’ll be one of my bigger ones. @ $17 x over 1000 people (and still counting), you can see, I think, why I’d prefer to keep it exclusive to JUST the folks who actually qualify for it.

  5. WanderingAuthor Avatar

    To amplify hearwritenow’s comment: when I voted, Scenes was listed, but the result itself was obscured – so I suspect the poll is working okay, and it is just the result display that is buggy.

  6. WanderingAuthor Avatar

    Best of wishes for a great birthday (and may you have Lesson 13 done BEFORE then).

    I just found the voting post; I’d left a comment on Saturday’s summary giving my “vote” – I assume this wasn’t tabulated, so I voted now, but am not trying to vote twice. If you tabulated my comment, then please subtract one “Scenes” vote.

    Also, since I didn’t see an answer to my question: I already have all the books offered as choices for the “Everyone” gift. When I get my (second) copy, is it OK to choose ONE person to pass that on to? I don’t want to steal anything from you…

  7. hearwritenow Avatar

    I clicked “Scenes”, but when the results of the poll came up there was no result for Scenes at all – there were only four graphs for the other clinics ๐Ÿ™

  8. doryn Avatar

    Wow! I want any and all of them. I’m doing Think Sideways now and have some ebooks but I can always make time for a Holly clinic!

  9. Vaticus Avatar

    I would love to get my hands on either the Scenes or Character clinic. I have a hard time, personally, keeping the description of my characters to a comfortable minimum, while at the same time, tend to focus less on the scenery. Either way, which ever item is decided, I will be grateful for the opportunity.

  10. Holly Avatar

    Singseya: The nice thing about this is that it will be deliverable by download, and since payment isn’t an issue this time, you’ll be able to get the course without any difficulty. Still waiting for the outcome of the vote, though, to see what the “everyone gets one” gift will be.

  11. SINGISEYA Avatar

    Holly, you know I once placed an order for Plot Clinic, offering to pay by post and you did admit it would be a little difficult sending it on the mail to me in Nigeria. I still live in Nigeria and still long for your titles but given the chance, I will prefer that plot thing. Though character driven stories and page turning scenes are nice, I have it implant in my consciousness that the plot of my wotk will sell it to my dream publisher

  12. exiled Avatar

    Its a tough choice. You have already helped my writing so much in the past year that it would be hard to pick one area I’d like to improve the most. guess it would be scenes for me.

  13. BradZ Avatar

    Scenes is the one I would go for, don’t have that one yet but use the other on a regular basis.

  14. Bill Avatar

    Would guess they are all very good, but guess I would start with Character Clinic.

  15. bflogal61 Avatar

    I have the Character and Plot workshops already, along with “Mugging the Muse”. With the HtTS class I’m learning even more. I would love the Scenes workshop as that is one thing that would definitely help not only with the writing but also the editing.

  16. Cosmic_lightning Avatar

    I have the first four, all of them really helpful and amazing. So I vote for scenes… bring me one step closer to completing my collection… ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Silverwaterlily Avatar

    I already bought the character and plot clinic. I really want the scenes clinic next.

  18. KimiD Avatar

    Character Clinic is next on my “lust” list. ๐Ÿ™‚ I keep looking at the number of forms I can fill out to “find” my characters and none of them really seem like they will get me thinking enough to figure them out.

  19. DaltonLynne Avatar

    I would love the scenes one . . . I’ve already got the others.

  20. TimK Avatar

    I already have all except for the Culture and Language Clinics, because I haven’t done any fantasy yet. Of the others, I’d recommend the Character Clinic first, then the Scenes Clinic, then the Plot Clinic, in that order. Might switch the order of Plot and Scenes, depending on what kind of fiction you’re writing, but would still keep Character first. But then again, that’s my thing, character.


  21. Kyralae Avatar

    Such a hard decision. I have all the clinics – twice even as I bought the Feb bundle to get the rest of the courses. I can always use the course as bait to get someone to sign up for Holly’s Think Sideways course or to get them to buy more of the courses. They are all so valuable it’s hard to pick just one.

  22. Annalisa Avatar

    Thank you for putting so much thought into this, Holly. I hope it’s still birthday-celebration-fun for you while all of us are now salivating over the courses. I’m crossing fingers for Plot, Character, or Scenes.

  23. rcyork Avatar

    I voted for scenes as well. It wasn’t in the bundle that I already have…also the World Building Clinic isn’t on the list… sorry, Holly. I know you’ve been busy.

  24. vanity Avatar

    Alas, I already have all of those, but since the first 4 are in a bundle, I voted for scenes, as that one isn’t in a bundle.

    Without any bundling considerations, I’d have voted for plot, since I found that to be even better than your excellent scenes e-book.

  25. dpinion Avatar

    I have been salivating over the Character Clinic for a while now. One way or another(buying it.. ;0) ) I will have it..

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