So … Twenty … and the Writing, Too

Mark is twenty years old today. I woke him at 6 AM with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to You, (rousing because I flipped the lights on and off, then shook him while I sang. Birthdays are serious business around here, especially if you’re the kid who decided 2 AM was a good hour to wake your mother up, and 4 AM was a good hour to be born.) His car is fixed, he’s taking it back to his grandparents, will ride the bus back home, and we’ll actually celebrate his birthday in a couple of days.

Goals for the day.

HAWKSPAR — from 141,446 to 144,446 or better.

INCOME TAXES — gather up and put into order all the stuff for the accountant. It’s time. If I’m lucky, that’ll only be one day.

So. Time to get to work.

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