So today? I’m re-revising NIGHT ECHOES

Of course.

Rule #1 in writing is Set goals.
Rule #2 in writing is Expect to see them wrecked at every turn.

I have no idea how long this is going to take, but I’ll be back. I will not be derailed.

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7 responses to “So today? I’m re-revising NIGHT ECHOES”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Joel—NIGHT ECHOES is a paranormal suspense romance, heavy on the paranormal. My next fantasy will be HAWKSPAR, now pub-dated March 2008. (Though, actually, THE RUBY KEY might make it out before then, depending. My new editor, Lisa Sandell, and I have talked, and she’s great. We discussed possible release dates, and some of them are early. Haven’t heard back with a definite date yet.)

    Cuyler—Hi. Happy to offer encouragement. I suspect I’ll be seeing a lot of you on the shelves someday.

  2. Cuyler Avatar

    You are so busy, I can’t believe how much you do. Even though you have most of the work done as you said, you still had to get that work done. I can’t wait until the Culture Clinic is finished. I have been waiting for that ever sense you announced it after releasing the Language Clinic- which I loved by the way.

    Oh and thank you so much for posting in my blog. I just checked the blog today so sorry about a late reply to your comment.

    I can’t believe you actually where able to find the time in your hectic schedule to post in my blog. My blog of all blogs. It makes my feel very special to have you post in my blog, so thank you very much; I was very, very excited. Your post was the second ever that anybody has ever left.

    I very much appreciate it.


    Cuyler Callahan

  3. joela Avatar

    You know, I’ve lost track here. Is Night Echoes fantasy or romance?

  4. Holly Avatar

    Finished. Now I’m just waiting for confirmation that the changes are okay.

  5. Holly Avatar

    Hah. I’m pretty much kicking ass on this. I have the massive majority of the work finished already. I’m now waiting for my editor to get back to me with a handful of requested type-ins—the formatting didn’t make it from her PC to my Mac. I figure one half-hour of edits after she gets that back to me, and I’m on to Culture Clinic.

  6. shawna Avatar

    Yikes. Have fun?

  7. TinaK Avatar

    Man, you’ve got so much going on I can’t keep track of the books you are writing. Where they are in the process and when they are due to be published.

    A major bravo to you, you have to be one of the hardest working writers in the business.

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