So Today ….

First, cheers to Kathleen Bolton of Writer Unboxed, who survived one-pass revision and got her manuscript in the mail.

Yesterday, I ended up doing a series of ever-decreasing tweaks on NIGHT ECHOES, bouncing stuff back and forth with my editor, until I finally finished at 6PM, just in time to take stuff for the burgeoning migraine and eat supper. Good news is, though, that now I’m done with that.

So. On to the culture clinic, where I’d like to put a whole lot of words on paper today.

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2 responses to “So Today ….”

  1. writewize Avatar

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now. You manage to juggle a number of projects with great success. I can only hope I will be able to do one tenth of what you do some day. You inspire a lot of emerging writers like myself. I must be hitting all the right sites. I found Kathleen and WriterUnboxed about a week ago. Feel free to stop by my very humble tiny site any time.

  2. Kathleenbolton Avatar

    Thank you, Holly. Part of the inspiration to keep going was coming here and reading about how you’d get through not one but TWO projects in the time it took me to do 50 pages. It wasn’t discouraging, it was motivating.

    So thank YOU for sharing your hard-earned writer’s lore and sending it out into the universe for the rest of us.

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