So … That Went Well

Had the most amazing time writing I See You today. I had this evil idea partway through, and horrible, horrible things happened as a result. And things kept piling on. Someone I liked died badly, things just went all to pieces — it was great.

Unplanned, but it takes the story where I needed it to go in a much sharper, better fashion than I’d planned.

Finished with 60,853 words. Just realized that was twenty short of my goal, but it’s more than my actual need. So I’m good with that.

Got a bunch done on Create a Character Clinic. Finished compelling needs, and am moving into work and play. I managed to be coherent, I think, about how and why I wrote certain passages in my fiction, and to make the exercises I do to get those passages to work processes that I follow, and that other people should be able to clearly duplicate.

My objective is not just to show writers how to create rich, real characters, but then to teach them how to write compelling fiction using the material they’ve developed. I like the way it’s going. And I’m at 6331 words, too.

Lotta words today.

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