So now that I’m done…

Okay. The Mac sending mail sound has just echoed across the computer, which means the finished Ruby Key is on its way to my agent, Robin. I’m pretty wiped out, but very happy with the book. It wrapped at 63,000 words, which was well within my target zone, the new ending worked beautifully, (though I was revising and adding and changing things right up until the last word).

I’m done. It’s sort of starting to sink in. I’m done. (Until the revision requests, anyway.)

I have to do income tax stuff next—never fun, and that will take me about three days, I’m guessing.

And then?

Well, the Create A Plot Clinic.

Revising chapters two and three on the Green Magic proposal, and sending that back.

Hawkspar, when I get the revision requests.

Outlining the sequel to The Ruby Key.

A couple of Cadence Drake novellas or novelettes.


The Sympathy for the Devil screenplay, which will probably undergo a title change to The Devil and Dayne Kuttner.

Lots of things to do. Figuring out priorities and scheduling all of them will be…interesting.

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10 responses to “So now that I’m done…”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Ryan—This particular novel was designed from the onset to be about 60,000 words. If I’d had to condense it down from a planned 130K or so, I would have gone bonkers. 😀

  2. RyanDahl86 Avatar

    Wowza, way to go Holly. 63, 000 words? I wish I could condense my novel into that, aiming at around 120/130,000 words at least…

    Just don’t exhaust yourself too much, we don’t want you to crack up! 😀

  3. FaiThanh Avatar

    Just listen to your heart. That what I’d do…

  4. Chassit Avatar

    Yeah, I imagine your taxes would be hell. That’s the advantage of being a minimum wage, fast food restraunt employed high school kid: easy taxes to file.

  5. PolarBear Avatar

    Oh, wait. I missed the screenplay when I read it the first time…

    Taxes. Oh, yeah. Them. My accountant has been running around buying me houses. He promises the taxes will be done in time.

  6. Holly Avatar

    Taxes. Ugh! I wouldn’t even consider doing my own taxes. Schedule Cs are not for the mathematically challenged or faint of heart. I’ve had the same accountant for about a dozen years now, and it takes me three days just to get all the receipts and expenditures and other things in order to send to him.

  7. Chassit Avatar

    Wow! THat’s awesome! I’m glad you’re getting ever closer to C. I hope you get to start on it soon, but I’m REALLY looking forward to Hawkspar. ;D Hope the taxes go well–I filed mine back in Jan or Feb, I believe…was not fun.

  8. TJ Avatar

    You know I just realized how Not Encouraging that sounded.

    That’s not what I meant at all, rather that it’s inspiring to see you work so hard on one project and have other projects you look forward to jumping right into.

    But the taxes part I totally meant. They can be a bear.

  9. TJ Avatar

    Wow! You still have some big plans in spite of wiping yourself. And good luck with the taxes (I graduated with an accounting degree)

  10. Gabriele Avatar

    Congrats on finishing, and good luck for the novel meeting with the love it deserves.

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