So nothing is ever simple

Russ didn’t ask for much in the way of changes to the proposal — those he did ask for I should be able to knock out this afternoon. It’s the other stuff that’s going to be a challenge.

I need to do a detail map of Hyre. Already had a continent map, but that is about three inches by two, and consists of the outline of the continent, and the word HYRE written in big letters in the middle. I need to put terrain, roads and cities in. Cool, fun, I love this sort of thing. But ….

I also need to include one-page single-spaced synopses of the second and third books I hope to sell. Each needs to be a stand-alone, each needs to offer a story as big as Talyn, and … well … I haven’t even given thought to the next two books yet. And …

(and this one’s the stinker)

… I need to have it done by Saturday.

I have a class tonight, a conference Saturday, and my income tax stuff isn’t done yet.

And the funny thing is, I’m excited. I’m twitching writing this because I can’t wait to jump in and get started, give myself a hard push, see what happens. This is, as weird as it sounds, the part of the job that can be the most fun. Challenge, the adrenaline rush, am I going to make it?

Onward. Time to have some fun.

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