So how did I forget the weblog this morning?

By Holly Lisle

I had a great writing morning. Up at six, hit the words hard, done by ten. And I’ve put in this beautiful, pastoral romantic scene, with very faint foreshadowing of Bad Things To Come …

I had fun with it. The book feels to me like it’s running a bit short. I rolled over 60,000 words (again) today, and I’ve just started into the climax build — and I’m wondering if I can build to the climax at a dead run for 40,000 words, and I’m also wondering if I’ll kill any readers if I do. I have some very, very tense, scary stuff planned.

We’ll see. Today was a writing turning point. From the moment the hero walked out the door to pick up the sister at the airport, everything changed. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun.

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