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So… Free Stories for SF and Fantasy Readers? Yep…

I’ve been doing “indie” stuff to get ready for bringing out Longview #4: Gunslinger Moon.

I’ve put together a special SF & F Reader Notification list for folks who like the genres, and set up two free stories that you can get.

OddfolksThe first you receive automatically when you join the list. Oddfolks is “odd fantasy.”

You sign up and confirm your email address, and you receive a confirmation email that includes the link to Oddfolks. There are two very short stories in the little book, along with details of the bigger project I hope it becomes.

Last Thorsday NightThe second story?

Last Thorsday Night is longer (about 8000 words), and previously published — but none of my SF & F readers will have found it. It’s time travel SF and I love it, and I hope you will too.

In the confirmation email that takes you to Oddfolks, you’ll ALSO receive the option to recommend the first story (and by extension, me as a writer you think folks would like), and get a special link you can use to do that. And if two folks sign up through your link, you get the free story as my thank you for helping me reach new folks.

Please don’t sign up through your own link just to get the second story. I kept the number of folks you need to earn your reward really low so that you could actually help me find new folks.

Why am I doing this?

Because it’s tough being an indie, tough reaching new readers, and I’m hoping that ahead of bringing out all three existing Longview stories with new covers and formatting, and offering them in print versions, too, and launching Gunslinger Moon in both ebook and print format, I can have a nice group of genuine SF/fantasy fans who will be looking forward to reading it.

Maybe reviewing it on Amazon.

Get Oddfolks just for signing up.


Referral links for this sign-up form did not work on this page.

So I created a page where they do work.

OddfolksGet Oddfolks immediately after you confirm, and Last Thorsday Night when two new readers join my list through your link.

Important: Your Confirmation Email will come from Perkzilla, as will your download link to your copy of Last Thorsday Night when two new readers have signed up through your link.

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17 responses to “So… Free Stories for SF and Fantasy Readers? Yep…”

  1. Kirsten Avatar

    Got it! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Holly Avatar

    Okay. I fixed the problem. It required me moving the sign-up form OFF a page it shared with my Drip slide-up.

    Working sign-up and share links for the SF&F free stories are now here:

  3. Paul Avatar


    I spoke too early. The download link came in a second email 3 or 4 minutes later.

    I read it and I love the Were-Elephant and how you introduced him. I built an entire scene in my head with images and sound and seeing his underwear get sundered and flying away is beautiful. They’re a bright red with animal images. I don’t know what animal, elephant seems too simple an answer. I’m an actor and I love stage work. I do most of my writing that way.

    Now I want to know a lot more about him and her; how did she learn about his “Problem?” Why does he have a problem? I assume his Change only happens when he sneezes and it would be impossible to control well enough to travel. We’re his parents and others the same or is there a panalopy of animals? Is there a difference if it’s just a small nose-tickler or a thunderous elephants “Whoomb” that sets it off? Does the small sneeze cause a small change, maybe a partial change of one appendage. That then begs the question, which appendage and how much? That would be a lot of fun playing with.

    Good fortune to you in whatever path you choose. ??????…


    If you’re looking for encouragement consider mine attached here!


    Thank you


  4. Paul Avatar

    I’m using Safari on an iPad, I got the confirm message and did, but no link to the stories.



  5. Dona Musitano Avatar
    Dona Musitano

    Still no confirmation or link to Odd Folks download. I am going to supply the link to both of my writer’s newsletters, but they won’t be out until the end of December. Do you have a deadline for link to remain active?

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m still trying to figure out what’s going wrong with them ALL. And it is all of them. As soon as I hear back from the app developers, I’ll let you know.

  6. Holly Lisle Avatar
    Holly Lisle

    I’m debugging this right now.

    Have been working on getting all four Longview stories out in new versions with print, and haven’t checked on this in a couple days.

  7. Constance Avatar

    Hmm, I was using Firefox and got the “Sorry–page not found” message also. When I re-clicked in my email, I got a message “Looks like you’ve already signed up”. No book. 🙁

  8. Marya Miller Avatar

    I signed up, and clicked on the confirmation email, and just got a “Sorry–page not found” 404 error on this blog. (?)

  9. Elaine Milner Avatar
    Elaine Milner

    I also got an error page, but I got the book and email that I’ve signed up, so that’s OK.

  10. Lisa Stapp Avatar
    Lisa Stapp

    Minor glitch signing up. I got a “404 page not found” announcement at . I am using Google Chrome.

    1. Lisa Stapp Avatar
      Lisa Stapp

      I think the mistake was on my end. At any rate, I got the book. Thank you for this!

  11. Keith Avatar

    Thank you…

  12. Reziac Avatar

    I don’t see any signup link??

    1. Julia Mozingo Avatar

      I didn’t either until I used a different browser – Chrome. I had to use a different browser for it to show up.

      1. Reziac Avatar

        Glah, I hate Chrome… to where it discourages me off a site entirely. And I thereby see that a necessary function is consigned to a popup, which doesn’t display in SeaMonkey even if I allow popups.

        1. Holly Lisle Avatar
          Holly Lisle

          It also works in Firefox.

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